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At the time of the updates there was no unallocated space available. ASUS X751L, Intel i7, 8 GB of ram, GEFORCE GTX 950M Windows 10 Home Edition x64, v1607 build 14393.1358 Any advice please? Minitool Partition Wizard - a 3rd party program is preferable if you have one.

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FPS drops/stutter when using the mouse and/or keyboard This is likely caused by a file being blocked by the AC that is constantly trying to reload into the game, and thus cause stuttering. I've already received the notification to update my Windows 10 x64 Home twice.At the end of the process, after several automatic reboots, at the very end there is the "Restoring previous Windows version" message. From then, I gave up and never received the prompt to update from WU again, apart from regular WU for my W10 version which is AU v1607, Anniversary Update.This allows it to display fake the BSOD alert, which overlaps your entire screen, without fear that you can terminate it.The text of the “Error code 0x00AEM001489” crash that will be displayed is: The “Error code 0x00AEM001489” lock screen is a complete scam, and you should not purchase anything from numbers listed in these alerts.Your file in %appdata%/FACEIT/FACEIT Client will give you information about which file has been blocked. "Blocked file " The AC protects the game and block some files that are seen as suspicious when they try to get loaded into the game.


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