Validating uk vat number

Extension name: EU VAT Hi, I receive the error message (below) whenever I attempt to enter an VAT number.

I have posted (1) example VAT numbers that I have tried (2) a pointer about the curl/file_get methods and (3) the ways I have tried to test this.

the documentation - - makes no reference to needing the country code - although if other EU countries include the country code in their VAT numbers, that might be irrelevant.

This class provides a solution to automatically validate VAT numbers, thus reducing the chances of any eventual problems.

Manuel Lemos Forms Widgets and Validation This article will cover some of the things youll need to know if youre thinking of building your own E-Commerce/Shopping Cart solution.

My installation was done manually -copying the code across file by file, double and treble checked before uploading and backing up -I am running with Open Cart

The was also performed as per the author's instructions.


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