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The Sun & Fun Rewards is based on the number of reservations not on the number of days or number of rooms reserved.

Each attraction is subject to provide blackout dates and or restrictions of use.

Danny Boyle, the smart-aleck young cop who narrates these books, actually takes his new girlfriend to an old-fashioned Fun House on the boardwalk.

But to his neighbors in Sea Haven, that's the name of a new reality show being filmed in their resort town.

Ceepak and Danny have to babysit the buff and boozy kids partying it up in a rental house near the beach for TV's FUN HOUSE while simultaneously trying to stop the rude and rowdy kids from breaking the law up and down the beach.

But even Ceepak and Danny can't stop one young cast member from being murdered—and others from being threatened with the same fate. (PDF) "Chris Grabenstein's clever Jersey Shore mysteries are named for amusement park rides and games of chance, so it was only a matter of time before Fun House made the cut.

Accurately described as a mash-up of Jersey Shore, Big Brother and Survivor, the show chronicles the bad behavior of some young idiots who've been installed in a beach cottage to play moronic games like Etiquette Competition, which rewards the player with the worst table manners.

Their dark take on their favorite fairy tales will be enough to leave a kid in tears. As your seventh-grade English teacher failed to inform you, Edgar Allan Poe pretty much invented Halloween. Bar crawl your way through Halloween weekend to ensure you won’t miss any of the excitement.

Clearly, it took a lot of dedicated TV-watching to turn out this perfect satire." "'Sunny, funderful' Sea Haven, New Jersey, is having a great season, thanks in large part to Fun House, a reality TV show that borrows the worst parts of Jersey Shore and Survivor.

Police officers John Ceepak and Danny Boyle have become accidental TV stars by arresting a drunken Paulie "The Thing" Braciole, a self-identified "Guido" from Staten Island whose signature move is twitching his massive, steroid- enhanced pecs. Ceepak and Boyle quickly target Paulie's steroid supplier for the crime, but soon the chaos produced by a drug-dealing motorcycle gang, traditional organized crime types, the producers of Fun House, and an Ohio police force recruiting Ceepak roil the already choppy law-enforcement waters.

]) but all of these were issued in a five-day span, suggested a concerted effort by Chaturbate that appears to have misfired, at least initially.

UPDATE #2: After several emails back and forth, it appears someone is using Chaturbate's name to send DMCA takedowns, but it is *not* Chaturbate itself.


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