Gretchen rossi dating jay chritian dating relationships

A jury awarded Gretchen 3,000 in damages but Jay filed bankruptcy in an attempt to get the judgment thrown out.

Since Gretchen Rossi appeared on, Watch What Happens Live, she could not shut up about Tamra Barney.

“So we did IVF first and we had such great results at the beginning and then the day before they were supposed to implant all the embryos – we had 14 embryos – basically what happened was they arrested, which means they all died off.

That was very disheartening and a very difficult time for us and it was just emotionally, physically and mentally extremely draining.” The couple will still try to go with the natural process of having a baby but if that does not get them successful again, IVF is an alternate choice.

“At 2133 hours I was dispatched to the A’s Restaurant in Newport Beach to reference to an assault and battery that had just occurred on a customer.

I arrived on the scene and contacted the victim, later identified as Slade Smiley, who was standing outside the restaurant,”Following the incident, the Police were called and Jay was arrested for assault and battery.

Police were called and Photoglou was arrested and charged with assault and battery.During part 1 of the season 8 reunion, Gretchen’s alleged infidelities surfaced again, because Tamra Barney made a comment about Gretchen’s cheating on Jeff in the RHOC 100th episode special.“Gretchen had a hard time because a lot of us girls saw some things she kind of wished we didn’t.Back to the point, Gretchen and Slade are looking forward to having children but are having a problem because of Slade’s vasectomy reversal surgery in 2015.Caption: Gretchen and Slade stroll down the streets on a fine day (2011).Apparently, this isn’t Slade and Gretchen’s first issue with Jay as the couple has been battling him in court for years.


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