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For four days, #ADAF2017 invited the audience to imagine the future, offering a unique experience.

In the Workshop, they communicate very well and explain PUA methodology with great clarity. A lot of what you teach in your sessions are like “life hacks” for talking to women.

Another great collaboration that we established was with GERMANOS (Powered by GERMANOS).

The Festival expanded its horizons, introducing new technologies in the field of digital arts.

During the burning of the village, Izana had been away traveling with one of these peddlers for about a month. He realized he had forgotten about most of the villagers, but still remembered Machina and his childhood friend Rem, knowing the two were still alive, as the Crystals of Orience are known to erase the memories of the dead from the living.

When Izana met up with Machina again his heart had been closed off.


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