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One of the initiatives the team embarked upon was to pass a Continuing Education Rollover bill - allowing for credits in excess of the required number to rollover into the next reporting period.

We had success with support in the House, however, the legislative session came to an end prior to passing. This past year the Michigan legislature passed a package of bills to modernize our state's insurance code.

William Aylett, III and Elizabeth Steptoe Wife of Richard Henry Lee, signer of the "Declaration of Independence" Mother of Thomas Jesse Lee; Col.

Grades 7-8, first, Zykeria Lee, Anijah Ball and Janiya Redmond; second, Raven Hottinger; third, Destiny Mc Carraher; honorable mention, Hailey Smith, Jaylyn Carter, Olivia Saunders and Kylie Ewell.

It's hard to believe that we have reached the halfway point of my term as MAHU President!

Seems like the perfect time to take a quick peek into the rear-view mirror as well as to let you know what can be seen out the front window.

Arnaboldi TTE Susan Arndt Don Arneson Scott Arnold Triana Arnold James Mollie Arons Mardirossian Arpi Andrea Arroyo Tova Artin Amy Arundell Nancy Arvold Nancy Asch Ramiro Asebedo Tabia Ashew Daniel Ashworth David Asselin Christine Atiyeh Jana Atkins Katherine Atkinson Elizabeth Atterbury Deborah Attoinese Sarah Auclair Jonathan Auerbach Quillia Augustine Yamasaki Augusto Gaius Augustus Patty Aunon Laura Austan Adessii Austin Dorothy Austin Nathan Austin Kelley Auston Arlene Avakian Noah Averbach-Katz Sara Averbeck Ally Avina Julie Avina Jessica Avizinis Carla Ayers Nancy Aykanian Francesca Aza Borhan Azemi Loba Azul Ivonne Azurdia Kelly Baars Virginia Babasa David Baca Deborah Baca Robin Baca Cristina Bacchilega Karlan Bachmann Jessica Bacon Pamela Bacon Daniel Badell Isabelle Badillo Alison Baenen Patricia Bagi Michael Bagley Donald Baham Beverly Bailey Larry Bailey Noah Bailey Tina Bailey George Ray Bailey-Brown Stephanie Bain Janice Baird Carl Baker Hope Baker Lynne Baker Max Balakoff Leonard Baldyga Cheryl Ball Greg Ball Jacquelyn Ballard Thomas Ballentine Rebecca Baloga Kurt Balogh Courtney Baltazar Meggy Banks Crystal Banuelos David Barash Ariana Barat Deborah Barbagallo Jane Barbarow Melida Barbosa Lisa Barcy Perry Bard Robert Barger Geena Barker Robert Barker Teresa Barker D.

Barnes Diane Barnes Mark Barnes Shannon Barnes Stephen Barnes Susan Barnes Todd Barnes Susan Barnum Connie Baron Mosi Barouti Debora Barrera Pontillo Joanne Barrett Susan Barrett John Barriage Stacy Barrington Jenny Barroll Jennifer Barrow Craig Barry Suzanne Barry Kiti Kahalelauniu Bartel Julia Bartholomew-King Serena Barton Alan Barysh Michelle Basart Dianne Baskin Roberta Baskin Cem Basman Lois Bass Simran Bassi James Bassler Sarah Batchelor Lisa Bateman Gina Bates Matthew Bates Cheryl Bath Webster Batista-Lin Mark Battiste Katy Bauer Margaret Mary Bauer Erica Baum Paul Bauman Ronald Bausman Martin Baxter Anne Bayerle Sandra Bayes Alex Bayne Ralph Bayne Dianne Bazell Michele Bazzani Lisa Beade Coyote Beale Miriam Beale Thomas Bear Brady Beard Bruce Bears Barbara Beasley Sally Beattie Regina Beaulac Jeff Becan Chitti Becci Miguel Becerra Keith Becher Justin Beck Karen Beck Elaine Becker Jay Becker Joan Becker Kyra Beckmann Richard Becky Jay Bee H.


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