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Summary: An imagine where Grayson dms the reader and he finds her cute so they keep dming each other back and forth.

One day they decide to meet in person and whole fandom goes crazy because they recognize her from tumblr and twitter.

Urban-Hoopla DOES NOT claim ownership or consent in any shape or form of all pictures, music, and videos. "But you can't generalize and say that all models are anorexic.""You leave home, the protection of your parents, but you still know you have their support," said the Brazilian, who has five sisters.I can't wait for the next series to find out what happened - can't believe I have to wait until next year. This episode had everything, love, tears, adventure, thrills and even an amazing gun fight at the end.The best cliff hanger in the history of ER without a doubt.Chaos strikes in County General when shots are fired and the gunmen get more and more desperate to make it out of the hospital.Kovac unknowingly puts himself in harms way while Abby is in the line of fire.I very popular on tumblr based off of my Dolan Twins imagines account.


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