Updating electric

Upgrading your service will bring enough power into your home to use you modern appliances.There are a number of reasons to consider upgrading your electrical service.Do not allow anyone to do a service change without a license!!Good luck After searching websites such as Craigslist Long Island & Angies List we spoke to a few of our neighbors at a local event who had all used the same company thru word of mouth.We constantly hear from new homeowners and prospective buyers that electrical upgrades might be needed for a decades- or century-old apartment or townhouse, but “electrical work” is one of those vague terms that can mean anything from installing a light fixture to replacing a building’s internal wiring.Because electrical magic happens behind walls, forecasting the extent and cost can be a big challenge and a big question if you’re budgeting for a renovation or for a new home purchase.These older wiring systems, typically with 60 to 100 amps of service, violate current electrical codes and fall short of the standard minimum of 200 amps generally needed to power a home.

Pre-war apartments that haven’t been updated in decades often need significant electrical re-wiring and additional wattage to support modern electricity demands.Of more concern is that some brands of obsolete electrical panels such as Zinsco and Federal Pacific can actually be a dangerous fire hazard.For more information about Zinsco panels, click here.The first and most important is that if your home is older than 25 years, your electric panel may be obsolete.It can be difficult and very expensive to replace parts and make repairs to obsolete panels.Whether providing with insurance for habitational, commercial, or industrial occupancies, an agent who is knowledgeable about older buildings and the risks they present can offer a valuable service.


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